Established in 2018

We are architects. We founded Freehand Cellars seeking a venue to expand upon our artistic expression. Winemaking, as with architecture, are our art forms. Whether we are selecting grapes or sketching a new concept everything starts with our hands. Our inspirations are hand drawn and poured into every bottle we produce.

Our crafting begins in the Vineyard, where the valley offers a long 190 day growing season, which allows for slow, steady fruit maturation. The warm days and the cool nights provided by the high desert environment allow the vines to produce exceptional balance with ripe fruit flavors and plenty of natural acidity. We carefully select the best blocks our vineyard can produce. From there, starting in the chilly winter, we begin our pruning with goals to achieve a very small crop load. Having a small crop load lets the plants growth focus on concentrating flavors, optimal ripeness and perfectly balanced tannins. When the grapes were ready for harvest, all grapes were harvested by hand, ensuring we only select the best possible grapes to ferment. Grapes are then hand sorted again at our production facility before we de-stem and send to fermenters for the magic to begin.